Participating in Republic Day, as long as it is not contrary to the law of Allah.

Is it shirk to celebrate and participate in the Republic Day, the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly?
In our country (turkey) , the day of the declaration of the republic is celebrated every year. The caliphate was abolished and replaced by republic and national sovereignty. national sovereignty days are also celebrated. These days are the holidays of a system that Islam does not accept. Every year, children and teachers in schools stand in silence for a minute, sing the National Anthem and explain the importance of those days. Some Salafist groups accuse those who go to these days, those who send their children to school these days, and the teachers in charge of disbelief. Because the Islamic system was abolished and replaced by the human system, they said, it is unacceptable to celebrate it..I am a religious education teacher and should I prevent children from being there these days? Is it shirk to celebrate national and national holidays these days? Teachers must attend these days. I am a religious education teacher. Should I quit teaching?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

From the outset, we wish to mention that sovereignty and servitude is only for Allah Ta’ala. Part of a Muslim’s faith is complete obedience to Allah Ta’ala and His Rasul . Allah mentions in the Quran: Obey Allah and the Messenger so that you may be receive mercy (Quran 4:132).

The general rule which many scholars give the Muslims is that they are permitted to follow the laws of the land, even in democratic country as long as it is not contrary to the law of Allah and His Messenger. However, the issue of Turkey is slightly different in that Islamic law was removed and replaced by secular law. Muslims should be sad that this was the fate of the country wherein the law of Allah Ta’ala was removed  and replaced by secular law and they should long, hope, strive and make Dua that Allah returns the land to Islamic  law.

 Therefore, if a Muslim holds national day in high regard deeming it to be a great time for the Muslims and one in which the Muslim had achieved great success, then that is very detrimental to his Imaan, as he is showing his love for being governed by a law other than the law of Allah.   Allah asks the question in the Quran: “Is it, then, the judgement of (the days of) Ignorance that they seek? Who is better in judgement than Allah, for a people who believe?” (Quran 5:50) Allah clearly mentions that those who rule by other than what Allah has revealed as disbelievers, He says: “Those who do not judge according to what Allah has sent down are the disbelievers” (Quran 5:50).  In addition to that, if a person holds Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in high regard wherein, he deems what he, Ataturk did as something noble, then this person’s Imaan is at stake.

In light of the above mentioned, we request the questioner to first and foremost find the celebration of national day in Turkey as something repulsive and hated in Islam and to avoid taking part in any of its activities to the best of their ability. If, for some reason, a person is compelled to utter words in praise of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his activities, and this person has no choice but to utter them, then he may do so only while rejecting such statements in his heart. It will also be advisable to seek employment where people do not hold such values, so it will not be binding on him to engage in national day celebrations.

And Allah alone knows best

Mufti Mujahid Dan Lubrin
Darul Iftaa, Jaamia Madinatul Uloom (Trinidad) /