Dua in Sujood and before Salaam.


Assalamu’alaikum..Can one make dua at the.last sujud, and At tahiyyat after darood too?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

1- While performing Salaah, after reciting Darood in the sitting posture and before making Salaam, it is Sunnah and rewarding for a person to make Dua with any of the supplications from the Qur`an and Sunnah, in Fardh or optional Salaah. The Dua must be in the Arabic language. The following are recommended supplications before making Salaam,

اللهم اني ظلمت نفسي ظلما كثيرا وانه لا يغفر الذنوب إلا أنت فاغفرلي مغفرة من عندك وارحمني انك أنت الغفور الرحيم

Transliteration: Allahumma Innee Zalamtu nafsee Zulman Katheeran wa innahu laa yaghfiruz zunooba illa anta faghfir lee maghfiratan min indika warhamnee innaka antal-ghafoor ur-raheem

Translation: Oh Allah, I have indeed wronged myself and it is only You who pardons sins. Forgive me my sins from you and bestow your mercy upon me. Verily You are the all-Forgiving all-Merciful.

اللهم اغفر لي وارحمني وعافني واهدني وارزقني

Transliteration: Allahummagh firlee warhamnee wa aafinee wahdinee warzuqnee

Translation: Oh Allah, forgive me, and bestow your mercy upon me, bless me with good health, guide me and provide me with sustenance

2- Regarding Dua in Sujood posture during Salaah, one should suffice with the tasbihaat only (Subhaana Rabbial A’alaa) in the Fard salaah[1], however one may read the Sunnah Duas in the sujood of Nafl (optional) Salaah.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Mufti Arshad Ali

Darul Iftaa, Jaamia Madinatul Uloom (Trinidad)

www.fatwa-tt.com /www.jaamia.net

[1] قال العلامه الحصكفى رحمه الله تعالى: وكذا لا يأتي في ركوعه وسجوده بغير التسبيح ( على المذهب ) وما ورد محمول على النفل
الدر المختار ج 1, ص( 505