Sunday, July 25, 2021

Investing and trading in Bitcoin and similar crypto currencies.

Question:Is investing and trading in Bitcoin and similar crypto currencies permissible according to the laws of Sahari'ah?

Using the Nisaab of Gold to calculate Zakaah in Trinidad.

Question Which Nisaab value should be used in Trinidad and Tobago when calculating Zakah, the value of the Silver...

Zakaah on shares of an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)

Question: As-salaamu 'alaykumI am buying and holding shares of an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund). My intention is to continue to...

Sadaqtul Fitr

Sadaqatul - Fitr is a compulsory charity on adult males and females who have in their net - possession assets to the value of...

Zakaah Guide 2021 (Trinidad)

Zakaah is purification. It purifies both the wealth and the wealthy. It also purifies the needy that receive it, and the whole society in which the wealthy look after the needy by giving them the dues of their money. Attached is a comprehensive Zakaah guide for Trinidad and Tobago

Selling frozen goat semen for artificial insemination.

Question: Assalaamualaikum, hope all’s well. Would it be permissible to sell frozen goat semen? The process...

Is purchasing shares permissible? Zakaat on shares.

Question: Is purchasing shares in a foreign company permissible? Also would one have to pay Zakaat on the shares?

The ruling of Sweepstakes, Raffles prize draws.

Question: Assalamu alaikumFirst of all may Allah accept your endeavor on helping us out on our problems InshaAllah.My question...

Is the trending sou sou (gifting circle) permissible?

Question: salaam. is the gifting circle sou sou thing Halal?  Can we Muslim take part in it?It works like...