Friday, February 28, 2020
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Qurbaani (Udhiya) Guide 2019 (Importance, Laws and Virtues)

Jaamia Madinatul Uloom DARUL IFTAA (Department of Islamic Jurisprudence) EID - UL-ADHAA 1440/2019 Qurbaani (Udhiya) of Qurbaani (Udhiya) Qurbaani is the sacrifice of an animal for the sake...

Zakaah Guide 2019 (Trinidad)

Zakaah is purification. It purifies both the wealth and the wealthy. It also purifies the needy that receive it, and the whole society in which the wealthy look after the needy by giving them the dues of their money. Attached is a comprehensive Zakaah guide for Trinidad and Tobago