Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Is vehicle financing permissible?

Question: السلام عليكم I would like to purchase a car to get to work and home easier. I...

Is a person traveling to Tobago considered a musafir?

Question: السلام عليكم و رحمة ﷲ Is a person traveling to Tobago for holidays considered a musafir?

Wudhu with permeable nail polishes.

Question: Asalaamu ‘alaikum, I know this issue was addressed on 6th November 2014 where understandably the water permeability of the brand...

Understanding of a Hadith on Jihaad

Question: Salaams Hazrat Can you provide the correct understanding of this narration? The Messenger...

Ruling on cannabis/marijuana and its medical usage.

1. Is Cannabis considered to be an intoxicant?

2.What is the medical permissibility of using this,

Is ice cream containing minute amounts of alcohol permissible?

It is Halaal to consume such ice creams that contain the small amount of alcohol, on condition the alcohol used is not made from grapes or dates and the remaining ingredients of the item are all Halaal.

Do clothes become clean after dry cleaning?

Question Do clothes become clean after dry cleaning? Answer بسم الله الرحمن...

Is it permissible to do a ‘Living Will’?

Question: salaam. is it permissible to do something call a living will? ie I say that this house belongs to my daughter but she will...

Job as an actuarial analyst in an insurance consulting department.

Question: Asalam Alikum. I have been offered a position as actuarial analyst in insurance consulting department at a firm. This consulting firm provides services to...