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Consumables (Food & Drink)

Qurbaani (Udhiya) guide (2021)

Jaamia Madinatul Uloom DARUL IFTAA (Department of Islamic Jurisprudence)

Printing cakes with animate images

Question I would like to inquire about the permissibility of doing screen printing on cakes with human or animal...

Are crabs (sea, land, mangrove, etc.) permissible?

Question: Are crabs (sea, land, river, blue, mangrove, etc.) permissible? Answer: In the...

Are whales permissible to consume?

Question: The scientists have classified the whale as a mammal and not a fish. Does it mean that whales...

Is vaping permissible?

Question: AsalaamualaikumIs vaping permissible? Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious,...

Selling impermissible products to non Muslims.

Question: as salaamu aliakum. is it permissible to sell a product that may contain a non halal by product?...

Can the Bones from Qurbaani be fed to a Dog?

Question: The bone from qurbaani can I give it to a dog after it was cooked instead of throwing it away? Answer: In the Name of Allah,...

Ruling on cannabis/marijuana and its medical usage.

1. Is Cannabis considered to be an intoxicant?

2.What is the medical permissibility of using this,

Is ice cream containing minute amounts of alcohol permissible?

It is Halaal to consume such ice creams that contain the small amount of alcohol, on condition the alcohol used is not made from grapes or dates and the remaining ingredients of the item are all Halaal.