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Sadaqtul Fitr

Sadaqatul - Fitr is a compulsory charity on adult males and females who have in their net - possession assets to the value of...

I’tikaaf questions.

Question Is it permissible for a Mu’takif to leave the masjid for the following reasons? (a) To take a bath other than a compulsory Ghusl. (b) To...

Method of Tahajjud Salah

Question: ASALAAMU Alaikum Can you give details as to how to properly perform Tahajud Salaah? Answer:

Laws relating to Sajdah as-Sahw (Forgetfulness Prostration)

حامدا و مصليا و مسلما Laws relating to Sajdah as-Sahw The acts of Salah are basically divided into...

How to calculate Zakah on revenues not yet received?

Question: Asalaamu Alaikum How would an individual or company that provides services and sales calculate its Zakah...

Is it permissible for females to post their pictures on social media?

Question: Message: As salaamu alaykum is it permissible for girls to post selfies on Instagram and Snapchat in which non mahrams...


TARAWEEH GUIDELINES DURING THIS PANDEMIC / LOCKDOWN IMPORTANCE: It is Sunnah Mu’akkadah for males and females to perform 20...

Does insulin, vitamin B12 injections invalidate one’s fast?

Question: Does insulin invalidate one’s fast? Also vitamin B12 injections. Answer: In the...

The Two Principles upon which Fast is Invalidated

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم THE TWO PRINCIPLES UPON WHICH THE FAST BECOMES INVALIDATED   There are basically three Invalidators of Fast: (1) Eating (2) Drinking (3) Sexual-...

Will passionate kissing break ones fast? What if one wasn’t aware of the ruling

Question: Will passionate kissing, where the saliva of the spouses are exchanged, break ones fast? What if one...

My Ramadhan guide (1441/2020)

Jaamia Madinatul Uloom & Masjidul Huda (Marabella, Trinidad) My Ramadhan guide   (1441/2020) Virtues of Ramadhan Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed as Guidance...

Zakaah Guide 2020 (Trinidad)

Zakaah is purification. It purifies both the wealth and the wealthy. It also purifies the needy that receive it, and the whole society in which the wealthy look after the needy by giving them the dues of their money. Attached is a comprehensive Zakaah guide for Trinidad and Tobago

The Nisaab in Trinidad and Tobago is $31,300.TTD (gold) or $2,000.TTD (silver)

Calculated on April 8th 2020

Current Fitrah:

Sadaqatul Fitr/ Fidyah : $14.00 (ttd)


Q & A by Darul Iftaa- Jaamia Madinatul Uloom




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