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Qurbaani (Udhiya) guide (2021)

Jaamia Madinatul Uloom DARUL IFTAA (Department of Islamic Jurisprudence)

Making a Wasiyah (bequest) for an heir.

Question Assalamu alykum It’s mentioned in the book “Islamic inheritance “by Jaamia madinatul uloom (mufti kaleem)...

Transgenders and related rulings.

Question: Are transgender females (those who were born males but later transitioned into females) considered to be females with...

Conditions that make Qurbani wajib upon a person differs from Zakaah

Question I learnt that the conditions that make Qurbani wajib upon person are the same conditions that make Zakah...

Hajj al Badal due to travel restrictions

Question A person 55 to 60 years of age, hajj has become compulsory upon him this year as he...

Permissibility of life support and Passive euthanasia.

Question: Needed some advice, if a brother has a disease, which is a degenerative disease last few years he...

Investing and trading in Bitcoin and similar crypto currencies.

Question:Is investing and trading in Bitcoin and similar crypto currencies permissible according to the laws of Sahari'ah?

Printing cakes with animate images

Question I would like to inquire about the permissibility of doing screen printing on cakes with human or animal...

Are crabs (sea, land, mangrove, etc.) permissible?

Question: Are crabs (sea, land, river, blue, mangrove, etc.) permissible? Answer: In the...

Using the Nisaab of Gold to calculate Zakaah in Trinidad.

Question Which Nisaab value should be used in Trinidad and Tobago when calculating Zakah, the value of the Silver...

Is bleaching or trimming eyebrows allowed if they are too bushy?

Question: Assalamualikum, I would like to know if bleaching or trimming of the eyebrows is allowed if ones eyebrows...

Zakaah on shares of an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)

Question: As-salaamu 'alaykumI am buying and holding shares of an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund). My intention is to continue to...

The Nisaab in Trinidad and Tobago is $32,973.TTD (gold) or $3,464.TTD (silver)

Calculated on March 17th 2021

Current Fitrah:

Sadaqatul Fitr/ Fidyah : $15.00 (ttd)


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